October 2017



Women of the ELCA
Love Day:  Tuesday, October 10
Bible Study Leader – Linda Darr
Hostess – Carol Huggins
Covered dish luncheon follows business meeting

September 29 – October 1
Central States WOELCA Convention
McPherson, KS

All women of Lord of Love are invited to the Fall Cluster Meeting hosted here at Lord of Love on Saturday, Oct. 21.  Registration begins at 8:30 followed by brunch and a speaker.  Celebrate autumn with good food and fellowship with women from area ELCA churches.

Saving Labels & Bar Codes: For Campbell Soup Labels, please save only the Bar Code & “Labels for Education” logo. For Best Choice, save Bar Codes only. See the list on the kiosk in the Narthex and at the WELCA bulletin board for which Labels for Education to save.

LOL 50th Anniversary
Sunday October 1, 2017 @ 9:00 celebration worship, followed by a potluck brunch. We have invited as guests all former Pastors of Lord of Love, and all Charter Members, as well as members of churches & organizations that partner with us in the Wednesday Community Meal. We welcome all our guests and visitors, and invite you to enjoy this special day of celebration with fellowship, food, and fun!

Stewardship Corner
The Stewardship and Finance team held an organization meeting in the church library on Sept 17. Six of the eight members that agreed to be on this team were present. The team agreed that the current members represented a good cross section of the congregation and no additions were necessary. Preliminary drafts of the team procedures were available for review. These procedures will be further refined and presented to the church council for approval.

The treasurer’s report from the last council meeting was reviewed and all budget items were acceptable. The 50th Anniversary team has requested $400 for the Oct 1 celebration. A motion was made, seconded and approved to allow the $400 expense.

The fall stewardship program was planned with Pastor Meggan giving three sermons based on the creed. The program will begin on Oct 15 and continue on Oct 22 and 29. On Reformation Sunday Oct 29 we will collect the final time, talent and treasure cards.  We would encourage all members to complete the time, talent and treasure cards to assist the team in preparing next year’s budget and identify other available talents. Treasure (pledge) cards go in the offering plate; Time and Talent forms go in the Secretary’s mailbox.
A few areas the team identified that could be improved in the future were as follows:

  • Improve border around the military memorial plot.
  • Improve parking lot around the trash dumpster pickup.
  • Improved drainage where water stands in the parking lot after a rain at southeast corner of the church.
  • Sell organ that is currently in storage at the church.
The strategic planning team has asked our team to investigate possible ways our church may provide housing for some of the homeless people in our area. This item will be discussed at further meetings. The next team meeting will be held on Oct 8 at 10:15 am.



In keeping with our celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we will be looking at stewardship this October through the lens of Luther’s Small Catechism explanation of the Apostle's Creed.  

Martin Luther understood that the Creed reveals what kind of God we have and what our God does for us.  In our study of the Creed, we will discover that God is first and foremost a provider.  In the First Article of the Creed,  Luther teaches that God is the Source of all that we are and all that we receive.  The Second Article teaches us that God is the Giver, who in Jesus Christ, spends all of himself for us.  Finally, the Third Article of the Creed teaches that God is our Guide, helping us to have and stay in relationship with God.

Luther acknowledged that we have a God who gives to each one of us not on the basis of our worthiness or merit, but out of abundant generosity. What, then, should be our response, especially when it is impossible to ever repay God for his generosity?  Luther says that we owe it to God to “thank and praise, serve and obey him.”  How do we do that?  We do that by sharing the many good gifts that God has abundantly given us.
This is most certainly true!

See you in worship!

Pastor Meggan


From the Bishop’s Office

Hurricane Irma and
Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

“What can we do?”  That’s the question that churned as we watched news coverage of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, and remains now with Hurricane Irma in Florida. So, what can we do? Plenty, in a couple of respects: There’s now, and there’s later.

Now, pray. Pray on behalf of those who have lost everything; ask for the Holy Spirit’s gracious activity to heal and restore. And also now, give. Here are a few options:

Give to Lutheran Disaster Response
Click here: https://community.elca.org/hurricane-relief and designate Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, or Hurricane Response (general use).

Give to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund-Gulf Coast Synod
To give directly to the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Fund, where all resources will be used to help congregations and their members get back on their feet: give online at https://gulfcoastsynod.org/about/donate. Click the donate button and give to “Hurricane Harvey.” You can also mail your donation to Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Fund, 12941 North Freeway, Suite, Houston TX 77060, with Hurricane Harvey on the memo line.

Give to Hurricane Irma-Florida Bahamas Synod Fund
To give directly to the synod-wide Disaster Response, click here.
https://www.eservicepayments.com/. You may also mail a check made out to “Florida-Bahamas Synod” to the synod office: 3838 W. Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607. Include “synod disaster response” or “Hurricane Irma response” on the memo line.

Learn more about response from the ELCA, synods and congregations: https://www.livinglutheran.org/2017/09/elca-responds-to-hurricanes-harvey-irma/

In addition to the actions you can take right now, you can prepare to show up. There will come a time to head to both hurricane-ridden areas, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. And when that time comes, let’s be ready. You might want to recruit volunteers at your church for this effort, start gathering some basic cleaning supplies, pull together some tools that will be needed in clean-up and rebuilding. The word to show up and help will come. When it does, let’s be ready, Church.

Rev. Roger Gustafson, Bishop

Lord of Love
Lutheran Church
Church Office: 331-5465
Fax: 331-9148

Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
Office: 816-331-5465
Cell: 913-749-3869

Judy Rauscher
Staff Secretary

Tom Johnson

Jim Brauer
Vice-President /President Elect

Jay Hoglund
Council Secretary

Merl Teigen
Council – Facilities

Richard Yotter
Council – Finance

Kathy Morton
Council – New Ministries

Neca Mills
Council Liaison to Care Team

Karen Franke

Art Tees
Tech Support for Treasurer

Yvonne Salmon
Financial Secretary

Jim Brauer & Julie Adolphson
Sunday School Coordinator


LOL LifeLine is a monthly newsletter of Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Belton Missouri.  It is a devotional and informational tool for Lord of Love and community.




10/1       Tom & June Eagan
10/8       Ryan & Mary Tinkler
10/15    Ken & Carol Huggins
10/22    Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
10/29    Ernie Franke & Gale Hankins


10/1       Richard & Marlys Yotter
10/8       Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
10/15    Jim & Sam Brauer
10/22    Kathy Morton & Jodi Cummings
10/29    Bill Darr & Madelon Gott


10/1       Ryan/Mary Tinkler
10/8       Richard Yotter
10/15    Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
10/22    Jim/Sam Brauer
10/29    Sharon Carneal

Assisting Ministers

10/1       Carol Petznick
10/8       Joye Conklin
10/15    Louis Prosser-Gebhardt
10/22    Ryan Tinkler
10/29    Jackson Prosser-Gebhardt

Gifts Bearers

10/1       C.J. Chambers & Ryan Tinkler
10/8       Brodie & Taylor Cummings
10/15    Abby Fowler & Tulie Brown
10/22    Victoria & Alexander Ladd
10/29    Addison & Kayden Miller


10/1       Adam Prosser-Gebhardt
10/8       Frieda Brauer
10/22    Meagan Boze
10/29    Sophia Foti

Children’s Sermon

10/15  Ryan Tinkler

Altar Guild

             Karen Franke

Offering Counters

             Neca Mills & Ryan Tinkler


Altar Guild - Madelon Gott
Acolytes - Madelon Gott
Assisting Ministers - Ryan Tinkler
Ushers - Joye Conklin 
Lectors - Joye Conklin
Cantors - Merl Teigen
Chancel Choir
   & Music Director - Carol Petznick                       
Greeters - Bill & Linda Darr
Offering Counters - Joye Conklin

Prayer Concerns for the Past Month

Family & Friends of – Jim Teigen, Rick Ising, Ardyth HarcherALSO: Carole Brummer, Linda Chambers, Lois Hunter, Sharon Meints, Mark Mills, Stuart Mills, Carol Patterson, Yvonne Salmon, Royce TinklerPlease check the military list – are there any updates on your loved one?         


  • Military: Gabe Alvord, Michael Best, Austin William Briggs, Bryan Collver, Geoffry Collver, Emily Ecshbacher, Jessica Goicoechea, Will Isaac, Shane Martin, Derek McDonald, Marc Meier, Jess Moore, Michael Peterson, Colby Petznick, Nick Sanford, Rod Severence,  & Patrick Williams

Birthday Celebrations

10/1       Olivia Stockton
10/2       Yvonne Salmon                  
10/4       Bill Darr
10/11     Diane Huffman
              Joyce Yonker
10/14    Betty Corder
10/15    Matt Hankins
10/17    Carole Brummer               
10/17    Jim Brauer
10/27    Alice Beseth

If you have been omitted from the birthday list, please contact the Church office at 331-5465 or lolsecretary@sbcglobal.net so we can update our records.   jcr


Lectionary Readings for September
October 1, 17th Sunday after Pentecost
Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32
Psalm 25:1-9
Philippians 2:1-13
Matthew 21:23-32

October 8, 18th Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 5:1-7
Psalm 80:7-15
Philippians 3:4b-14
Matthew 21:33-46

October 15, 19th Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 25:1-9
Psalm 23
Philippians 4:1-9
Matthew 22:1-14

October 22, 20th Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 45:1-7
Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13]
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Matthew 22:15-22

October 29 Reformation Sunday
Jeremiah 31:31-34
Psalm 46
Romans 3:19-28
John 8:31-36

Book Club
Book Club will be meeting Monday, October 23 at the 54th Street Grill & Bar at 11:45. We are reading Unwritten by Charles Martin: Father Steady Capri knows quite a bit about helping others. But he is afraid Katie Quinn's problems may be beyond his abilities. Katie is a world-famous actress with an all too familiar story. Fame seems to have driven her to self-destruct. Steady knows the true cause of her desire to end her life is buried too deeply for him to reach. But there is one person who still may be able to save her from herself.”

Pet Blessing
Pet Blessing October 8 @ 4:00 pm. Bring your pet to Lord of Love, so that it may be blessed and receive a treat.  Please have pets crated or leashed, for their safety. (We love them all!!)

Recycling Project
Sunday, October 8, the Sunday School classes will be supporting the Green Team in collecting recycling to be delivered to the Overland Park Recycling drive as noted on the fliers on the bulletin board & kiosk. If you have any of the items listed, please bring them to church next Sunday so that the Sunday School can get them sorted & packed for shipping to the OP event. Please note there is a fee for some electronics, & for documents to be shredded, so please make a check out to Lord of Love with “recycling” on the memo line. Chances are, if you need to get rid of it, the Green Team can take it! Check out the flyers. For complete information see https://www.opkansas.org/events/recycling-extravaganza/.

Stephen Ministry
Information & a sign-up sheet are posted about a Stephen Ministry. There is a workshop on this subject 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on October 21at Crossroads Christian Church, 5855 Renner Road, Shawnee Mission, KS. See bulletin board for all details.

Veterans’ Wall Display
Any Veterans in the congregation who have not yet submitted their name, rank, branch of service & years served to John Watson, please either put this information in his mailbox or the secretary’s. Also, please submit a 5” X 7” picture (preferably in uniform, but not required) for our Veteran’s Wall Display. Thanks!

Veterans’ Memorial
Our thanks to Ernie Franke for all the hard work cleaning up & maintaining the Veterans’ Memorial. Take a trip to the side yard to see all the bricks & flowers.

MLM Christmas Store

As we move into the end of the summer, Metro Lutheran Ministry staff and volunteers are busy preparing for the 850 families who will be served by the 44th Annual MLM Christmas Store! This year’s store takes place the week of December 3rd

Christmas Store Ornaments  
Shopping for over 3,000 people is difficult but fortunately we’ve got a great list. MLM surveyed clients last year and created a new set of ornaments for your church’s “giving” tree. To receive yours, please contact Kelly Seward at 816-285-3141 or kellyseward@mlmkc.org.  
Christmas Store Gift Delivery           
Please deliver your Christmas Store gifts to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1700 Westport RD, Kansas City, MO on Sunday afternoon, December 3, between noon and 3:00 pm. We will have volunteers on hand to unload your car and get you on your way quickly!
Christmas Store Volunteers  
As always, our awesome volunteers are what makes the Christmas Store such a successful ministry. Targeted volunteer invitation mailings have been sent to folks who have helped out in the past. We’re thrilled to see new volunteers each year, as well, so we’re asking you to share these specific volunteer needs:

  • Pastors and ministry leaders to lead devotions each day (contact Amy Viets amyviets@mlmkc.org or 816-825-3154.)
  • Cooks to provide meals for volunteers throughout the week
  • Set-up volunteers, December 3 – 5
  • “Elves” to help our guests shop, December 6 – 9
  • Thank you again for being an important part of this ministry that means so much so many families! 

From Thrivent
We are pleased to let you know that we have made a deposit in your account on behalf of Thrivent Financial's Thrivent Choice(R) program. We hope this gift helps to further support your important work.

Amount of deposit: $190.00
Thrivent Financial members directing Choice Dollars to your organization: Merl Teigen.

Thrivent Choice Dollars
Thrivent Choice Dollars can be designated to our Community Meal, Let Karen Franke know your wishes: otherwise, Choice Dollars go to the general Fund.


Getting to Know Our Members
David and Yvonne Salmon

David was born is San Antonio, Texas and Yvonne was born in Topeka, Kansas.  David grew up in Sedalia, Missouri, and Yvonne in Kansas City, Missouri.  David and Yvonne met in Warrensburg, Missouri, while attending CMSU (now UCM).  David graduated with a BS degree in Geography and Yvonne in Elementary Education.  We married shortly after we graduated in Nov 1973 and will be together coming up for 44 years. Yvonne began her career teaching 4th grade at Gladden Elementary in Belton in 1973. Yvonne earned her Master’s degree a few years later. Through a span of 25 years, she also taught 5th, 1st and 2nd grades.  After retiring from teaching, she took on a banking career which lasted 18 years where she started as a teller in 1998 and ended her second career as branch manager in 2016.  David’s first job was for an aerial mapping company but then landed a job in agricultural meteorology which became his lifelong profession and passion. In 1995, David started a commodity weather consultation company that lasted through 1995.

In 1979 their son, Doug, was born.

We’ve had both cats and dogs over the years but currently have only a cat.  
Pastor Joel Nelson, was the minister when we were invited by his daughter/Yvonne’s student Marcia Nelson, to attend LOL in 1977.  David had grown up as a Lutheran (Missouri Synod).  Both of us have served on the church council and have been a part of many committees.  Yvonne taught Sunday school over 30 years.  We have made many long lasting friendships and will continue to make more friends as we grow. 

We both enjoy traveling and want to see more of our beautiful country.  We both enjoy playing golf, and take our golf sticks on our travels.  When relatives come to visit we have killer pinochle games.  Although he doesn’t get to do it as often as he’d like, David loves to fish.  Yvonne’s passion is reading and she belongs to two book clubs. 

We both feel volunteering has been a major part of our lives.  Once we moved to Belton, David became involved in the emergency management and eventually was its director.  He’s also has been all offices in Lion’s club, served on the school board, and was involved in Belton’s youth sports.  He currently enjoys meeting with a young man at Belton HS for whom he’s been a mentor since 2nd grade.  In other spare moments, he wrote a book about severe weather detection, and was published in 2007.  Yvonne was a member of a local teacher’s organization and was its local president six times.  She also headed up the drive to take the Belton HS band to Washington DC by raising over $80,000.  She was chosen as Belton citizen of the year in 1996.  We enjoyed working the community meal but have taken a hiatus. We hope to resume our role soon.

50 Years at Lord of Love
Dennis Heath –  1967-1968

Thomas Bartholemeh – 1969-1974

Joel Nelson – 1975-1983

David Fulton – 1983-1993

Richard Hoffmann – 1994-2001

Rodney Nygren – 2002-2005

Lesley Radius – 2006-2009

David Newman – 2009-2012

Peter Rehwaldt – 2012-2013

Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt - 2013-present


Events Around the Community:
(see flyers on kiosk in the narthex)

Thursday, October 5, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Questions and Responses about Muslims and Islam
Holy Family Catholic Church
919 NE 96th St. Kansas City, MO

Those who aren’t Muslim often have many question about this faith. What do they believe? What role do they play in our country and in the world?  Come for an informative evening and receive answers to your questions. Presented by Fr. Paul Turner & Mahnaz Shabbier. For information & to RSVP, call Holy Family Parish office 816-436-9200.

Saturday, October 7 10:30 am
Seeing God with Open Eyes.
Regnier Hall Auditorium, KU Edwards Campus
127th & Quivera, Overland Park, KS

For 8 years, Vedanta Society of Kansas City and the AUM Foundation have invited notable scholars to speak on timely topics engaging to anyone with an interest in spiritual life. The speakers for this year’s Arjun Kumar Memorial Lecture are Dr. Jeffery D. Long & Swami Chetanananda. A musical prelude will be provided by Viswa Mohan & Shivanand Narsimhamurthy. For more information about the society, see http://www.vedantakc.org/.  No charge for this event. 816-444-8245.

Saturday, October 7, 7:45 pm
Declaration on the Way: Church, Ministry, & the Eucharist
An Ecumenical Text Commemoration the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Presenters: Father Paul Turner, priest of the Diocese of KC-St. Joseph & pastor of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in KC

Dr. Craig Nessan is Academic Dean of Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, IA & ordained minister in the ELCA.
Conception Abbey Guest Center (St. Gabriel), on the left as you enter the Abbey complex.  Come early for Compline in the Basilica @ 7:15 pm. A reception will follow the presentation. For more information, call Scott Moon at 573-576-6182.

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