November 2017



Women of the ELCA
Love Day:  Tuesday, November 14, 9:30 am
Bible Study Leader – June Eagan
Hostess – Debbie Miller
Covered dish luncheon follows business meeting
Decorate coffee cans for cookies
November all month – brings blankets, caps, gloves for MLM Christmas Store
November 12, Thankoffering Service
November 19, Bake Sale to benefit Oaks Indian Mission

Saving Labels & Bar Codes: For Campbell Soup Labels, please save only the Bar Code & “Labels for Education” logo. For Best Choice, save Bar Codes only. See the list on the kiosk in the Narthex and at the WELCA bulletin board for which Labels for Education to save.

Book Club
Book Club will be meeting on November 27 at José Pepper’s   at 11:45. We are reading The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Genoff:  When Noa is thrown out of her house after her father discovers she is pregnant by a German soldier, she finds refuge in a circus. She has an infant in tow not her own, which was taken by the Reich, but one she has rescued from a boxcar full of Jewish babies. Also finding refuge in the circus is celebrated aerialist Astrid, whose husband, a German officer, has divorced her because she is a Jew.” The busy plot with its combination of circus life and wartime peril will keep readers intrigued.

Time Change
Set your clocks back one (1) hour before retiring Saturday, November 4. Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am Sunday, November 5th.

Stewardship corner
The fall stewardship program is now complete. Pastor Meggan gave us three good sermons on stewardship based on the Apostles creed. These sermons showed our need to share the resources God has given us to manage. Pastor pointed out that we dislike stewardship because it involves giving up our time, talent and possessions. But God’s Grace expects us to share our time, talent and possessions. This is most certainly true. If you have not completed a time, talent and possession (pledge) card, they are still available.  We would encourage all members to complete the time, talent and possession card to assist the team in preparing next year’s budget and identify other available talents.
The stewardship team is currently reviewing the budget for next year based on our expected income and expenses for next year. The team has identified several items that would be good to have fixed for next year and will require some expense to complete. If you have an item that should be included in the budget, please see Richard Yotter to include your input. The next team meeting will be held on Nov. 5 at 10:15 am to develop a proposed budget.

Youth Outing
The youth Sunday school classes will be taking a field trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill on Sunday, November 19, after services. There  they will be able to enjoy fresh cider and apple donuts. 

Please let Debbie Miller know if your child will be attending so she can make sure transportation is available for all.  She can be reached at 816 509-7749.


New fellowship opportunity! 
Over the summer months, a strategic planning committee met to discuss the current ministries at Lord of Love.  One of the goals that came out of that discussion was a desire to strengthen relationships.  Relationships are crucial to experiencing faith.  As we work alongside each other, as we share our struggles and our joys, as we care for each other, we begin to experience love, worth, and belonging.   Love, worth and belonging stand at the heart of the gospel message, and the good news that Jesus came to preach is that "You matter!" 

"You matter!" Jesus told the child, the sick, the poor, the rich, the widow, the foreigner.  And to the surprise of everyone, Jesus' message had the power to transform lives.  People who were shunned were now included.  People who were hurting were now healed.  And then when he left, he instructed his followers to to do the same.   He told them to go out into the world and share this good news- "You matter!"    This was how God chose to change the world, to give each one of us a little bit of power to make a difference. 

We want people to hear that good news-"You matter!"- here at Lord of Love.  So, we are going to try something new this fall.  On the second Sunday of every month, we will gather together (young and old) for a meal, a brief devotion, and some conversation.   We hope that as we learn new ways to connect with people, we will begin to experience a greater connection with the world and the one who created it.  

Our first gathering will be November 12 at 5pm.  We will explore "5 Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman.  This communication tool sheds light on how the people in our lives (even children and teens!) express and receive love.  Pizza will be provided.  See Pastor Meggan for more details.

Change in Christmas Eve schedule.
Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year which will affect our service times.  There will be two worship opportunities: the 9am service time at Lord of Love and the 4:30 pm barn service at Johnson Farms.  We appreciate your flexibility this year, and we hope the change might create an opportunity for you and your family to start a new tradition, or worship the Christ child in a new way!

See you in worship!

Pastor Meggan


From the Bishop’s Office

A Pastoral Letter on Violence
Adopted by the ELCA Conference of Bishops 
March 4, 2013
Still relevant today

“A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.”
Jeremiah 31.15 and Matthew 2:18
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:  Every faithful caregiver who sits with victims of violence knows what we know – as God's church, we are called to reduce violence and should, in most cases, restrain ourselves from using violence. Whether or not statistics show that overall violence has declined in recent years, every person wounded or killed is a precious child of God. 

As bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we lament the tragedy of gun violence in our country. We are grieved by the way violence threatens and destroys life. We affirm the current soul searching and shared striving to find a way to a better future.  While the church grapples with this call to reduce violence, and make our communities safer, we recognize that before God we are neither more righteous because we have guns nor are we more righteous when we favor significant restrictions. Brokenness and sin are not somehow outside of us. Even the best of us are capable of great evil.  

As people of God we begin by confessing our own brokenness – revealed in both our actions and our failure to act. We trust that God will set us free and renew us in our life's work to love our neighbors. In this time of public attention to gun violence, local communities of faith have a unique opportunity to engage this work. As bishops, we were thankful to recognize the many resources our church has already developed (see below). We begin by listening: listening to God, to Scripture, and to each other. Providing a safe place for people to share their own stories, together we discern courses of action. Together we act. And together we return to listening – to assess the effectiveness of our efforts to reduce violence. 

In the Large Catechism Luther says, “We must not kill, either by hand, heart, or word, by signs or gestures, or by aiding and abetting.”  Violence begins in the human heart.  Words can harm or heal. To focus only on guns is to miss the depth of our vocation. Yet, guns and access are keys to the challenges we face. We recognize that we serve in different contexts and have different perspectives regarding what can and should be done. But as we live out our common vocations, knowing that the work will take many forms, we are committed to the work of reducing and restraining violence. This shared work is a sign of our unity in Christ.    

We invite you, our sisters and brothers, to join us in this work: 
  • The work of lament – creating safe space for naming, praying, grieving, caring for one another, and sharing the hope in God’s promise of faithfulness 
  • The work of moral formation and discernment – listening to scripture, repenting, modeling conflict resolution in daily life, addressing bullying, conducting respectful conversations, and discerning constructive strategies to reduce violence 
  • The work of advocacy – acting to address the causes and effects of violence, knowing that we are not saved by this work, we undertake it trusting in Christ Jesus, who laid down his life for the world and who calls us to be peacemakers, to pursue justice, and to protect the vulnerable. In this, as in all things, Christ is with us. Thanks be to God. 

Important Resources:

  • Video: We have Work to Do by Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson We have Work to Do  
  • Community Violence a social message, Community Violence   
  • The Body of Christ and Mental Illness a social message, The Body of Christ and Mental Illness   
  • Hearing the Cries: Faith and Criminal Justice, a proposed social statement, Hearing the Cries: Faith and Criminal Justice
  • Peace: God’s Gift, Our Calling, a 1995 social statement, Peace: God’s Gift, Our Calling
  • Ban of Military-Style Semi-Automatic Weapons, 1989 social policy resolution, Ban of Military-Style Semi-Automatic Weapons  (both social policy resolutions are at address)

Community Violence – Gun Control, 1993 social policy resolution, Community_Violence–Gun Control, 1993

Rev. Roger Gustafson, Bishop


Lord of Love
Lutheran Church
Church Office: 331-5465
Fax: 331-9148

Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
Office: 816-331-5465
Cell: 913-749-3869

Judy Rauscher
Staff Secretary

Tom Johnson

Jim Brauer
Vice-President /President Elect

Jay Hoglund
Council Secretary

Merl Teigen
Council – Facilities

Richard Yotter
Council – Finance

Kathy Morton
Council – New Ministries

Neca Mills
Council Liaison to Care Team

Karen Franke

Art Tees
Tech Support for Treasurer

Yvonne Salmon
Financial Secretary

Jim Brauer & Julie Adolphson
Sunday School Coordinator


LOL LifeLine is a monthly newsletter of Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Belton Missouri.  It is a devotional and informational tool for Lord of Love and community.




11/5       Sharon Carneal & Prosser-Gebhardt family
11/12    Ken & Carol Huggins
11/19    Neca/LaVerne Mills & Valeeta Lucas
11/26   Richard & Marlys Yotter


11/5       Valeeta Lucas & Kathy Morton
11/12    Tom & June Eagan
11/19    Donna Morrison & Angie Souders
11/26    Prosser-Gebhardt family


11/5       Linda Darr
11/12    Victoria Ladd
11/19    Kathy Morton
11/26    Carol Petznick


11/5       Mary Tinkler
11/12    Merl Teigen
11/19    Pr. Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
11/26    Mary Tinkler

Assisting Ministers

11/5       Jim Brauer
11/12    Merl Teigen
11/19    Addison Miller
11/26    Sam Brauer

Gifts Bearers

11/5       Sophia Foti & Nancy Williamson
11/12    Wally & Xavier Garcia
11/19    Oren Sisson & Antonio Gutierrez-Dias
11/26    C.J. Chambers & Ryan Tinkler


11/5       Oren Sisson
11/12    Mimi Brauer
11/19    Madilyn Brooks
11/26    Meagan Boze

Children’s Sermon

11/5    Pr. Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
11/19  Ryan Tinkler

Altar Guild

             Yvonne Salmon

Offering Counters

             Carol Petznick & Darrell Rose


Altar Guild - Madelon Gott
Acolytes - Madelon Gott
Assisting Ministers - Ryan Tinkler
Ushers - Joye Conklin 
Lectors - Joye Conklin
Cantors - Merl Teigen
Chancel Choir
   & Music Director - Carol Petznick                       
Greeters - Bill & Linda Darr
Offering Counters - Joye Conklin

Prayer Concerns for the Past Month

Family & Friends of – Leonard Ives, Melissa Sudduth ALSO: Linda Chambers, Roland Dennis, Derrick Dibben, Margie Gerken, Christina Huggins, Carol Patterson, Jim Rufini, Yvonne Salmon, Joshua Story, Royce Tinkler

Please check the military list – are there any updates on your loved one?

Military: Gabe Alvord, Michael Best, Austin William Briggs, Bryan Collver, Geoffry Collver, Emily Ecshbacher, Hunter Fawcett, Jessica Goicoechea, Will Isaac, Shane Martin, Derek McDonald, Marc Meier, Jess Moore, Michael Peterson, Colby Petznick, Nick Sanford, Rod Severence,  & Patrick Williams

Birthday Celebrations

11/5       Dallas Winders
11/8       Ken Anderson
11/13    Kayden Miller
11/14    Frieda Brauer
11/15    Neca Mills
11/16    Jean Brown
11/17    Louis Prosser-Gebhardt
11/18    Nancy Blackman
11/22    Myah Arr
            Dorthy Johnson
11/24    Betty File
11/26    Ed Huffman
11/27    Wally Garcia
11/28    Doris Tees
11/30    Sue Cushman

If you have been omitted from the birthday list, please contact the Church office at 331-5465 or so we can update our records.   jcr


Lectionary Readings for November
November 5, All Saints Sunday
Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32
Psalm 25:1-9
Philippians 2:1-13
Matthew 21:23-32

November 12, 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 5:1-7
Psalm 80:7-15
Philippians 3:4b-14
Matthew 21:33-46

November 19, 24th Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 25:1-9
Psalm 23
Philippians 4:1-9
Matthew 22:1-14

November 26, Christ the King Sunday
Isaiah 45:1-7
Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13]
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Matthew 22:15-22

Council Highlights

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Tom Johnson at 7:00PM.
  2. Not present was Secretary Jay Hoglund.
  3. Devotions were provided by Vice President Jim Brauer.
  4. The agenda was approved as read.
  5. The minutes of the last Church Council meeting were approved as modified and corrected.
  6. Treasurer’s Report:  was approved as presented.
  7. Pastor’s Report:
  • Pastoral Care: given to two families.
  • Special Services: Wedding and Pet Blessing.
  • Community Involvement: Met with the Harrisonville Ministerial Alliance.  Met with the Belton City Manager.  Met with Cass County Non-Profits.   Met with West Central Community Action Agency.
  • Committee Support:  50th Anniversary, Children’s Sermon, Care Team, Christmas Pageant, and Executive Council.
  • Ministry Summary:
  • Community:  Partnering with Vickie Riddle (former director of KC Coalition to End Homelessness) to assemble a working group with designees from Belton, Raymore, Harrisonville, and Peculiar to address homelessness.
  • Upcoming Dates: 
  • Stewardship Drive October 15, 22 & 29 of 2017.
  • 2018 Budget Requests due November 5, 2017.

8.   Ministry Team Reports:
a. Facilities: Grinder pump was repaired.  Kitchen fire suppression system serviced and tested by the Campbell Company.  Replaced outdoor light over Servant Hall door and on east side of Servant Hall.  Replaced light in furnace room. Installed shelves in Servant Hall Kitchen.  Installed guards on Servant Hall thermostats.  Pulled weeds, mowed, and trimmed lawn.  Installed handicapped door opener on North Narthex door. Replaced ballasts in two fluorescent light fixtures and replaced exit light lamp. Repaired leaking faucets in Servant Hall kitchen.  Repaired latch on dish sanitizer in Servant Hall kitchen.  Repaired latch/lock on North Narthex door.

b. Stewardship and Finance:  The committee is planning for the Lord of Love 50th Anniversary.  The fall stewardship program began on October 15, continued on October 22, and will end on October 29 of 2017.  All of the forms pledging time, talent, and possession will be collected by then. Several items were discussed: an improved border around the military memorial plot is needed to facilitate easier mowing, the parking lot around the dumpster has gotten torn up by the trash trucks, drainage needs to be improved where water stands in the parking lot at the southeast corner of the church, and it was suggest that the Church organ that is currently in storage be sold.  The strategic planning team will investigate ways that our church may help provide housing for some of the homeless people in the Belton area.  Discussed the possibility of sharing a dumpster with a neighbor so our Church parking lot does not get torn up.  The next team meeting was held October 8, 2017.

c. Evangelism:  Lord of Love Church participated in the Raymore Fall Festival Parade on September 23, 2017.  The Church is sending brochures to new Raymore residents.

d. Personnel:  Reviewing staff and salary proposals.

          e. Community Meal:  In August 377 meals were served with an additional 236 take-home meals provided.   In September 324 meals were served with an additional 186 take-home meals provided.   The current balance in the community meal fund is $10,436.34.

f. Care Team:  From mid-August until mid-October 16 homebound congregation   members were provided and delivered weekly Wednesday evening meals.  Five homebound congregation members received Holy Communion, prayers, and fellowship from Pastor Meggan.  Rides were given to 3 members to church services and doctor appointments, as they requested. Cards were sent, telephone calls were made, and home visits were made to 14 congregation members during illness, bereavement, or prolonged absence.   Cards were sent to a potential member who is new to our community.  The Meal Partners team has grown to 9 members who attend the Community Meals to interact with attendees.   Sent greeting /notification cars to absent members to request their photographs for the pictorial directory.  The next Care Team meeting will be held on December 11, 2017.

g. Worship and Music:  No report.

 h.  Education:  Sunday school has started again.  The Sunday school schedule has been adjusted to mix fun activities and service projects with education.  Worked with the Green Team to coordinate the recycle drive that was held on October 7, 2017

i. Green Team:  held recycle drive on October 7, 2017.

 9.    Unfinished Business:  Still looking for someone to lead the Communications Committee.  The committee’s primary responsibility will be maintaining the bulletin boards.

10.   New Business: 
a. The Social Justice Team was discussed.
b. The next Church Council Meeting will be held on November 9, 2017.
c. On December 17, 2017, a Congregational Meeting will be held to approve the Budget.
The Council meeting was adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Minutes recorded by Vice President Jim Brauer
Minutes compiled by Secretary Jay Hoglund

Veterans’ Wall Display
Any Veterans in the congregation who have not yet submitted their name, rank, branch of service & years served to John Watson, please either put this information in his mailbox or the secretary’s. Also, please submit a 5” X 7” picture (preferably in uniform, but not required) for our Veteran’s Wall Display. Thanks!

New Shelves in Kitchen
Our thanks to Earl File for building new shelves in the Servant Hall kitchen. With the many community members served by the Wednesday Meal, we really needed the extra space!

MLM Christmas Store
Metro Lutheran Ministry staff and volunteers are busy preparing for the 850 families who will be served by the 44th Annual MLM Christmas Store! This year’s store takes place the week of December 3rd.

Christmas Store Ornaments  
Shopping for over 3,000 people is difficult but fortunately we’ve got a great list. MLM surveyed clients last year and created a new set of ornaments for your church’s “giving” tree. To receive yours, please contact Kelly Seward at 816-285-3141 or 

Christmas Store Gift Delivery           
Please deliver your Christmas Store gifts to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1700 Westport RD, Kansas City, MO on Sunday afternoon, December 3, between noon and 3:00 pm. We will have volunteers on hand to unload your car and get you on your way quickly!

Christmas Store Volunteers  
As always, our awesome volunteers are what makes the Christmas Store such a successful ministry. Targeted volunteer invitation mailings have been sent to folks who have helped out in the past. We’re thrilled to see new volunteers each year, as well, so we’re asking you to share these specific volunteer needs:

  • Pastors and ministry leaders to lead devotions each day (contact Amy Viets or 816-825-3154.)
  • Cooks to provide meals for volunteers throughout the week
  • Set-up volunteers, December 3 – 5
  • “Elves” to help our guests shop, December 6 – 9
  • Thank you again for being an important part of this ministry that means so much so many families! 

Altar Flowers
The Flower Chart for 2018 is on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. If you have a person or event you would like to commemorate with altar flowers, please sign on the date and put the reason: birthday, in memory of, anniversary, etc. There is still a lot of room in the last two months of 2017, as well.

Thrivent Choice Dollars
Thrivent Choice Dollars can be designated to our Community Meal, Let Karen Franke know your wishes: otherwise, Choice Dollars go to the general Fund

Toys & Accessories Volunteers          
Blessings Abound needs volunteers to assist with the sorting, pricing and merchandising of children’s toys or accessories (belts, purses and winter gear). Flexible hours, 2 to 4 hours a week, any day. Training provided. Call Maryann Grace, Volunteer Coordinator. 913.648.0700 or 

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